How can I help You?

Forget the image of an expensive money drain formally known as “An Interior Designer” a good Interior Designer brought in at the right time can save you time money and a lot of stress by…

  • focusing your ideas into a scheme that you can go out and shop, pushing your boundaries holding your hand and guiding you though a scheme that you have always wanted and just needed some confidence and reassurance to achieve.
  • helping with suppliers and sourcing of products.
  • space planning.
  • lighting plans drawn up BEFORE the builder lays a brick.

.. one or all of these elements are the details which make up the bigger picture, it’s not all about cushions and accessories, by the time you get to that bit the cake is cooked and you are dealing with the ‘icing’!

Whether its a revamp of one room or a complete house redesign I can help you get the job done, saving you time and money.

Design Buddy

Overwhelmed with ideas, images and styles? no time? or simply can’t get started? My Design Buddy service can help you to ‘nail’ your own style.

As a professional Interior Designer I can help you ‘kick start’ your creativity and/or focus your ideas and together we can create your own personal style board in a  workshop style session. You can also come back and keep adding sessions as you feel necessary throughout your project.

Design Buddy session (2-3 hours) from £150

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Now that your own your own style you might need some help finding those products to fill it. Read on and add..

My Little Black Book

With my extensive knowledge of product sources I can shop your Pinterest or mood board giving you options at 3 price points (economy, premium and splurge) allowing you to chose how and when the budget gets blown!

From £50 per room

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If you need further help with space or lighting planning and you would like 2D and 3D visuals to really know what your space will look like read on and add..

The Devils in the detail.

Space planning from £50 per room

lighting plans from £50 per room

2D and 3D visuals to help you really see what the finished result will be. from £100 per room

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The Full Monty

Need a more comprehensive service, no problem.

Whether its no time or no inclination I can offer a complete professional Interior Design Service whether that be for one room or a complete house. Dealing with architects,managing tradesmen, making decisions is no mean feat, particularly if you are also trying to juggle home, family and work. Styling is only part of an Interior Designers job, planning and project management represents a larger part of the brief and the sooner you ‘on board’ an ID the better. Decisions on room, lighting plans and all the other details are best made right at architect planning stage before the plans have even been put out for tender and certainly before the building contractor has laid a brick!

Contact me sooner rather than later and we can discuss your individual  project needs

If you want some help but not full on you can also keep me on hand during your project apart of my Design Buddy service (see above).