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Whether you are embarking on the renovation of a whole house or just one room, looking for advice and tips on how to start the project and how to keep it on track, need to know how to create a cohesive scheme, searching for interior inspiration or just want to indulge in a little interior porn… You’ve come to the right place, stay tuned and sign in to be sure to keep up to date on my latest posts.

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HI I’m Jane and in short I’m a wife, mother, Interior Designer and serial renovator.

My serial renovation habit has led me to renovate 6 homes a small hotel and most recently a retro caravan, soon to be hitting the road, so watch this space! Currently I divide my time between two bases, a renovated farmhouse in the tranquil countryside of Hertfordshire, and a ‘to be’ renovated flat in the vibrant East End of London, do you see a theme emerging?  So basically in between designing, renovating and blogging, I’m either making jam or checking out the latest new hipster bar!  Agreed, it can get confusing and frankly a bit exhausting at times, you need a sturdy overnight bag for this life!  but honestly, I love it, inspiration doesn’t begin to cover it…..but wait, at this point if your’re thinking “oh right this is all about some posh interior designer with a load of homes that she wants to show off” think again and read on ‘cos I’m just a north London girl from humble beginnings who just happened to be lucky enough to have an imagination, big dreams, and a lot of drive and ambition!  I’m glad we got that out of the way…..and anyway I’ve got a caravan for godsake!

So as a bit, well, a lot of a dreamer I tend to get carried away, as my long suffering other half aka, Richy,  will confirm. Once I get a ‘bee in my bonnet’ about a property it’s usually pretty difficult to shake me out of it. In truth though we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have had the strength, stamina and opportunity to have completed so many projects over the years which has resulted in us enjoying some amazing spaces. It hasn’t always been that way though. We started out with nothing but love to live on, a flat in Hertfordshire and a big mortgage (this was the eighties!) plus dreams, or some might say delusions, of grandeur. We dreamed of owning houses in the country, London, the south of France and the French Alps. What?? I know I know,  but I love James Bond and I watch a lot of period dramas and old films ok! I guess the thing is, we came to believe in those dreams, well I did and convinced Richy he did too and the dreams became aspirations and goals to be achieved and so slowly and steadily we have turned them into a reality, with a fair amount of knocks and bruises along the way, it certainly hasn’t always been an upward curve!

It wasn’t like we made a plan or anything, we are not one of those clever couples who set out to be property developers on the side, it just sort of happened that I discovered  penchant for a renovation project that sort of become, well a habit and finally a career! We’ve always bought property we have genuinely loved, they have nearly always been time worn and we have never bought with the express reason to sell, they have all been our real homes. I think this has been the secret, they have all bore the mark of real love and care, as all homes should. 


So after a lot of ‘on the job’ training’ I did via this via the apprentice route shall we say, I took myself off to KLC Design School and got qualified. Then, combining my love for creating dramatic and elegantly eclectic interiors and a wealth first hand experience in project management Jane Ashton Design was born. I’m hooked on creating striking interiors that ooze elegance and drama but don’t feel uptight, that enhance the character of the building and most importantly reflect the character of their owner.


If you are a dreamer with dramatic interior tendencies and a sense of humour then check out my work and stay tuned to my blog by signing up below. Here I share, images and details my own projects, current projects, inspiration and my best advice and tips on renovation, styling and how to create stunning but relaxed interiors, plus where I source my products in town and country.

If you need design consultancy find out more here

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