Why there’s so much more to Green Houses than ripening tomatoes..

All the boho outdoor living I’ve been doing this summer has really got under my skin and despite the fact that September is on the horizon I’m still not quite ready to give up all ideas of it. So my thoughts have  been tuned into how can I prolong this outdoor living/dining experience.

I was  musing on this subject recently whilst watering my tomato plants and  was reminded of how hard it was last year getting them to turn red, we definitely need a green house I thought.


We’ve got just the spot ready and waiting where a past Greenhouse must have once stood, so I decided to do a little research on them.

I was imagining something beautiful and period in style, so I did a little google search on Victorian style green houses  and what did I find..


Okay so those are lemons not Tomatoes but THAT is a dining table with a chandelier, albeit a bit on the small side for my taste but it got me thinking so further investigation was required..

Green house dining 2

Who knew?

I’d never really considered a green house as a dining space, but apparently many others had! By now I’m hooked and a full on Pinterest search followed…

I just love the bohemian, thrown together vibe of this one, who couldn’t sit for hours chatting over a boozy lunch here .. just shows that apart from a little imagination, how much more do you need?

green house

And although again, I would love to see larger and lower chandeliers in here, guess you know me and my thoughts on chandeliers by now, I love how a pretty standard aluminum greenhouse is turned into something rather special don’t you? I mean ghost chairs, I’m starting to get ‘design goosebumps’!!

Green house dining

This beauty is by Alitex  and is pretty substantial by most standards, but how beautiful, all made in the UK and bespoke..


but they do come in all shapes and sizes..

Alitex, Swaffer greenhouse, Arundel 10.8.07
Alitex, Swaffer greenhouse

When you think about it there are so many possibilities…who wouldn’t love a summer kitchen or winter come to that,  like this?

Green house

A bathroom perhaps ? Okay maybe this is a step too far but pretty cool if you live in the woods!

Outdoor bathrooms

But who needs tomatoes anyway?

She shed 2

‘She shed’ anyone?

She shed

Phew! after all that I am now on the brink of completely justifying the investment of said glasshouse as not only a fabulous way of getting red tomatoes and lots of other fine produce but as the perfect elegant boho dining space and as I said, I have just the spot, crying out for it!


I am imagining a pathway lit by lanterns leading my guests up to this pop up dining space. Green Egg barbecue close by methinks..

All that remains is to convince himself not just of the endless possibilities but the actual necessity of the investment. Think I will open up the bifold doors tonight, light the candles, load up with a few dozen extra plants from the garden centre, fire up the barbie and set the scene. This could of course be a bit counter productive as I might just end up creating the effect I am trying to sell in… Hmmm well you can’t see the stars through our kitchen/dining space roof and we sure as hell aren’t going to get the tomatoes red in there plus there is so much more to a green house than ripening tomatoes and I intend to prove it! 

However this probably could turn out to be a bit of a long term dream project so in the meantime I will continue to Pin Greenhouse images over on my dedicated Pinterest board, go check it out…and would love to know of any other gorgeous green houses out there. Do you know or have a gorgeous glass house to share? Tell us all about it…



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