Top 10 of the best… side tables

Side tables and stuff..

Spring has sprung…no honestly, its happening but don’t change over the winter wardrobe just yet you know thats just asking for trouble! Ok well I think we can all see it glimmering in the distance and after the usual hibernation and frugality of January and February perhaps we are starting to think about a spring spruce up indoors and not only a spring clear out, but maybe some shipping  in of some new stuff? So I thought I would start a spring accessories round up featuring my top 10 of the best..

First up its side tables. Side tables are one of those things I could probably buy all day long, I have to say there are some pretty gorgeous looking baby’s out there at the moment and I’ve struggled to narrow it down to 10 from the 90 odd I’ve recently pinned on my Pinterest 

“An essential for your cocktail..”

The good old side table is an essential, for your book, tea, specs., wine, cocktail?.. Pretty awkward when you go visiting and theres no where to put your drink! Invariable the coffee table is stuck out in the middle of the room and/or only accessible to the few who’ve ‘bagged’ the best spot. You’re then on your own and its either hang on to it and refuse the nibbles/biscuits or risk the ‘putting it on the floor’ scenario!

“You can never have too many..”

In my little snug room and it is little believe me, I have four, bit excessive you may think? but because they are small , all different styles and heights, it works, not sure you can have too many, they are useful for so many things. I have one with a plant on, one with a lamp on and one each side of the sofa for me and himself  to put our drinks. I actually prefer a few side tables to one larger coffee table in many situations. An ottoman in the centre of the seating, which also doubles up as seating slash foot stool as well as somewhere to pop a tray and then several small, more flexible side tables, I think can often work much better than everyone trying to access the larger central coffee table.

The ideal plan is for all seated to be able to access some kind of perch either in front, side or behind via a console. Of course if you are short on space there is always the nest of tables, yes they’re back, not sure they ever left to be honest but I don’t think I have wanted them for a few years, slightly reminiscent of tea at the grandparents! come on, they made sense and they are back looking pretty glam I might add.

In terms of trends we’ve got finishes of metallic, marble, concrete, wood,  Jute. Designs are wired, mirrored, carved, geometric, tribal, animal and nature inspired.

1. First up it’s currently my no.1 fave, is this hot Pavo side table from Anthropologie which comes in an antiqued brass or silver finish, at £368 it’s not cheap but I think its a real statement piece and you might want to put this pride of place!

10 best side tables

2. Copper is still going strong despite the talk that it may soon be on the way out. I think it’s likely to hang around a bit longer yet and why not I’m certainly not tiring of it. My choice is this wire one from Mia Fleur, who in my opinion have one of the cutest curated selection of all the boutique ‘onliners’at the mo..  This one also has the added benefit of storage, can’t go wrong, hurry they are already on wait list with this and I’m not surprised. Mia Fleur £172.00MiaFleur- Copper Wire Side Table £172

3. Always on the money with her design is Abigail Ahern’s brass Emerson stool, one of which proudly sits in my sitting room, this one also doubles as a stool, so win win! £165

Top 10 of the best side tables AA

4. Marble is still reigning strong with plenty to choose from, I struggled with this,  finally settling on one of the  marvellous marble top Rockett St. George  offering at £120

Top 10 of the best side tables RSG

5. You can’t beat a touch of humour in the room to loosen things up a bit! of the fun animal ‘tongue in cheek’ offerings, this is cute from Urban Outfitters £80 Top 10 of the best side tables UO

6. When it comes to the ethnic inspired offerings my money is on this one from Okadirect at £159 and made from handwoven sturdy rattan, great to add a hint of  exotic travel to your room.


7. Best geometric category goes to… Abigail Ahern for her Malone side table, £250

Top 10 of the best side tables AA2

8. Couldn’t miss out a true vintage piece and my best search found this beauty from The Old Cinema, a 1950’s mosaic topped table at £120

Top 10 of the best side tables OC

9. Best wood category goes to this cute small teak table from Zara home £99.99

Top 10 of the best side tables Zara

10. And finally the ‘Nest’ award to Swoon Editions for their contemporary brass with antiqued mirror , nothing ‘Granny’ about these! £249

Top 10 of the best side tables Swoon E1

Well thats my pick and you can find the best of the rest over on my Pinterest board. Which is your favourite?


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