Design savvy headboards F &FB-4

Hey y’all,

The headboard thing just isn’t going away, it’s keeping me up nights. Just think more ‘cred’ should be given to the poor old headboard and poor they certainly can be. OMG there are some seriously boring and dare I say shocking ones out there. Okay so yes it does do a practical job, this I definitely can report to be the case since I haven’t actually got one and believe me when I tell you that it’s not the same drinking your cuppa in bed without, bit messy to be honest! but do they have to be so drab? So where are we going with this? It seems to me we need to go high, go bold, go graphic, go wood, go boho, go old, go luxe or go wow !  I think a little trip down headboard inspo lane is  required…


(click on pic for slideshow)

See I’m liking the idea of using the whole wall a headboard, how very luxe and how comfortable to sit up against that black velvet! Not sure I think the grey one needed a sort of mini headboard within it, think it would have looked better if it had come down to the floor like the black but I love the addition of the mirror. Imagine how much less gorgeous these rooms would look with short headboards, no wow there then!


(click on pic for slide show)

I am positively swooning over that red board against that Green, it’s making my mouth water! The other shows clever use of colour by painting in the headboard structure in the same hue as the walls adding interest but acting as a fab backdrop to the main event, that yellow, love!


(click on pic for slide show)

What guy wouldn’t love these wall murals? needs little else in these rooms, just a bed and your done! there are loads to chose from and not just for the boys. check out Pixers.


Something for everyone here. Whether you like smooth and sleek, classic or rustic, a real wood head board or wood wall is hard to beat. I had my clever Dad make mine up with reclaimed floor boards!

(click on pics for slideshow)


(click on pics for slideshow)

What can I say, Release your inner child! I know couple of these do actually have headboards but the backdrop is so gorgeous we aren’t even really noticing so that works too!


(Click on pics for slideshow)

Nothing drab about these beauties, grab one at auction or try Sunbury Antiques fair at Kempton Park Race course, the first and last Tuesday of every month.


                                      (click on pics for slideshow)

Mirrors in the headboard would normally be a bit tacky, not here! and I’m not sure what I’m loving more the colour or the sheer height of the teal velvet headboard, swoon!


(Click on pics for slideshow)

Not sure what I can even say about these fabulous combos but I’m thinking there is only one way to go from here….


(click on pics for slideshow)

Lets be honest if the backdrop is as beautiful as this, we can probably do without, no?


Nothing like a  bit of headboard porn for the weekend, they’re so much more than a headrest don’t you think?  I’m collecting more on Pinterest, go check them out…Jx

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