BOUDOIR BEDROOMS FOR THELOOKOFLURRVE...-2As we are fast approaching Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling the Luuurve thought I would sneak in a sexy bedroom post so if you are on your way out the door or on the train you may want to save this little indulgence for later when you are snuggled up at home with your Friday glass of wine…

First get yourself a tipple, find a comfy seat then click and play whilst reading to get the full sexy boudoir vibe…

First I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for a boudoir style bedroom. The term Boudoir originally referred to a ladies room but later became known a bit of a saucy room where fun and frolics took place, hence this style it works so well for both parties if you know what I mean (winks). However I’m not into a full on bordello look, hell no, I’m thinking more ralph lauren classic undone with a touch of Boho, make sense? no I didn’t think so, read on..

Unless you are inspired by something specific the best way to create an interior is to first think about the mood and feel of the room you are trying to achieve, its all about the atmosphere. So in this case the words that spring to my mind are RELAXED LUXE, MOODY, SUPER PERSONAL and SEXY.

Once you have these adjectives you can then work on the colours finishes, furniture etc.. you’ll need to achieve said atmosphere.


My old favourite, get this by using an eclectic mix furniture and accessory styles, finishes and fabrics. Don’t get hung up on trying to keep the same style of furniture throughout the room or match things too much, this will appear uniform and formal, chose what you like but keep the colours in natural or neutral colours (this includes black) or within the colour palette you have chosen. As an example you can see how mixing up the styles of formal panelling and cornicing with a glam contemporary star burst light, classic bedside chest, fun animal print rug, classic leather chesterfield chair, blah blah, but keeping the colours to black, gold and neutrals Jessie d Miller has created a luxe but relaxed vibe. She has also cleverly added a mix of luxe fur, animal skin and leather but kept the curtains loose and informal.

Boudoir bedrooms
Bedroom by Jessie d Miller

Curtains, although less fashionable than blinds currently, I think are essential in a bedroom to soften the edges, but if they are too tailored, in my view they look a bit old fashioned, fine balance. In my own bedroom I’ve gone for dress curtains in a loose casual style in a simple sheer natural linen to keep it relaxed and blinds inside the window to do the actual job of cutting out the light.

Below is another example of using relaxed drapes on a four poster, although I would have ramped up the luxe finishes on the bed, looks a bit drab, nice walls though! I do love a four poster don’t you? nothing more boudoirworthy, but although I love period dramas I don’t want it to feel I’m appearing in ‘the period’ so the formal over the top stylie doesn’t work for me. The four-poster in my guest room was an eBay find and not being handy with the sewing machine I’ve just added a long length of natural linen fabric keeping the whole thing much more relaxed, this room is still not quite finished and I need to add more stuff and contrasting luxe like velvet, fur, satin and wool. No carpet in this room as it’s such a lovely original floor and a spare room but in my own bedroom I think a nice soft sensuous between the toes feel is a must. I like to layer to add more warmth and interest and so I’ve used sisal as a base layer and added a super soft Moroccan rug. You could go for a long shag pile, ooh very 70’s and very luxe! I’m not completely happy with my bedroom yet though there is something, in fact two things that are still missing from my boudoir that I haven’t found as yet, any ideas? keep reading…

image from

Relaxed bed drapes keep this room feeling relaxed and informal. image from


Well the best way to tackle this one of course is with colour. Dark and rich or deep softer muted tones work best and/or big billowy florals in dark colours. Some people get worried about having darker colours which I do understand but if you are going to try it anywhere then I think in the bedroom makes sense because this is where you want to retreat to, relax and (ahem) sleep etc.. not sure you are looking for a light filled space here? so a good place to experiment. Lighting of course is pretty key. Whilst we aren’t focussing on the practical today you will need to be able to see yourself in the mirror to ensure you are looking sexy in your boudoir so thats pretty important. I would always try and put lights on dimmers if possible and if not do lots of lamps and floor lights to create a warm glow, last thing you want is a lonely sad looking pendant light all on it’s own, not a good look and neither will it make you look good! Plus all the work that you have put into your room won’t be seen if the pendant light is lighting up the floor! Lighting is a big subject and one that needs tackling separately in another post. In the meantime feast your eyes on these ‘come to bed’ rooms.


Its your sanctuary and private space so this is really where it has to be super personal and Sexy. Whether that be special photographs or little trinkets and mementos, I hang necklaces from a pretty hook I picked up from Anthropologie on the wall. This is a good place to hang a sexy nude portrait, not necessarily of yourself but hey if thats your thang..probably more advisable than in the hallway! It’s here that you will also get a nice mix of masculine and feminine, your jewellery box sitting next to his suit stand etc.. thats another way to think of the contrast, masculine finishes next to feminine ones, so think leather or suede alongside silk or lace, now we’re talking Boudoir! Ralph Lauren does the mix of fabrics really well and check out a bedroom at the Hazlitt in Soho, I love the contrast of the feminine chandelier and Rococo style mirror against eh other more masculine elements like the bookcase and dark heavy woods.

Other thing I like in bedrooms are screens, they make me think of hollywood dressing rooms. I love my black mirrored chinoiserie which is handy because it was a nightmare getting it home from Lots Road Auction house!

After that it’s down to you 🙂

Have you figure out the missing items from my Boudoir yet? let me know what you think its missing.

Happy Valentines











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