Pulling the trigger!

Welcome to my home

Ok, this is me doing it, after months of planning and strategising, read procrastination, I’m finally pulling the trigger on this blogging lark. I know from past experience that no amount of planning is going to substitute just getting on with it! so am I scared? hell yes but as the saying goes “do one thing that scares you every day” so here goes….

Hi, I’m Jane and welcome to my blog, a bit about me, I’m a wife, mother, Interior Designer, serial renovator and frankly.. a bit of shopaholic, mainly of interior goodies but I have also been known to wander into the odd fashion boutique!

I’m really lucky to be able to divide my time between two bases, one in the tranquil and gorgeous countryside of North Hertfordshire and the other in the fantastic and vibrant East End of London. So basically I’m either making jam or checking out the latest new hipster bar! it can get confusing but honestly, I love it and inspiration doesn’t begin to cover it!

As I said I have a penchant for a renovation project and I’ve completed a few, poor Richy (husband) gave up trying to persuade me years a go that new properties were the way to go, so once he’d seen sense I embarked on a spot of ‘on the job’ training for several years on projects large and small, most noteably an old stable block and an old French farmhouse in the Alps. Some years and a fair few thousand pounds later (well we’ve been married a long time!)I decided that some professional skills could make life a bit easier, so I took myself off to the famous KLC Design School and got qualified, So then what? well I needed another project obviously! enter our beautiful old farmhouse in Herts built back in the 17th Century but with quite a few Victorian additions, this ol’house needed some serious TLC so that’s exactly what it got. On this blog I will share the before and afters, forthcoming projects, where I source my products, new finds and lots of other stuff in between. I’m drawn to time-worn spaces and I’m hooked on creating stylish relaxed interiors, blending classic luxe with elegantly undone bohemian touches, evoking what I call stylish lived-in  luxe.

I strongly believe that everyone has the right and need to a special place of refuge and that homes are built not only to shelter and protect but to nurture. By sharing my experience and knowledge in renovation and interior Design (I’ve put in the work so you don’t have to) I’m on a mission to help save you time and money on your home revamps and renovations, so that you too can live in stylish luxe!

launching this blog seemed the natural if somewhat scary way to go, well I did say I liked a challenge, I’d love it if you would join me on my blogging journey.

So lets talk interiors…

Take a look my country home tour, would love to know what you think?

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